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29 Apr

In an article on my website, “The Truth About Streamate”, the subject of Streamate Cam Gays came up. I decided to write a brief article about it. Here’s what I said:

Streamate is a company that sells adult movies and videos, according to the website. I was interested in their website, so I clicked on the link to the right, the “About Us” page. I clicked on “Streamate”. A very disinterested looking guy appeared and started talking to me about my interest in the online gay lifestyle.


Streamate Cam Gays then brought me to the same page

Streamate Cam Gays then brought me to the same page

I had just been on. On the “About Us” page, the same man was talking to me again. Then the cam video started. It was shot through a camcorder, and I saw two naked men sitting on the bench in the room. The two men had been drugged, and they were, strangely enough, quite normal looking people.

The two men were not wearing anything at all. There was no indication of who they were. They were just normal people, like the ones you see in the news. Both men were dressed but nothing indicated that either of them was of any real significance. One of them even talked.

And the other man had, inexplicably, a very big penis. They even had a license to practice medicine in Wisconsin and were well dressed, too. The one with the larger penis seemed very comfortable. The one without the larger penis was very uncomfortable.


Online programming of Streamate Cam Gays

Online programming of Streamate Cam Gays

This is where the Streamate Cam Gays method of online programming begins. A man named John Verner, a well-known gay activist and author, called inand spoke for several minutes. He was an obvious paid speaker, and his comments were targeted towards convincing parents that it is in their best interest to allow their children to watch porn in the comfort of their own home, while their parents are away from home.

John Verner then directed me to the site home page. I went there and found a program that claimed to be completely safe and not harmful to my children. So, that was my conclusion.

After John Verner was done, I went to the “about us” page and found that the “Company” has been in business for over 50 years. Apparently, it is one of the largest producers of adult movies, DVDs, and streaming.

They also sell content to porn sites. They do this by having content companies send them content for them to create and sell on their website. They also do this. According to their site, the content will be completely safe and harmless to the viewers, which is nice, if you ask me.


The “Advertising” section

The "Advertising" section

My favorite part of the website is the “Advertising” section, where you can get free ads for a small stand-alone store, or for websites that you can “get in on” and actually buy your advertisement. As far as I could tell, it was all cool.

My only concern is that Streamate makes the subject of cam chat illegal, which I think is ridiculous. You see, cam chat on cam sites is legal and one of the reasons I love this type of adult content is that, when I am not home, I am not around anyone. When I am home, I don’t know anyone. So, it is totally harmless.

So, I still believe that John Verner did the job he said he was going to do and provided a useful resource for parents that were not familiar with the online gay lifestyle. It is very unfortunate that Streamate deleted most of their website once they got caught.

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